Silver Lake Vodka


Silver Lake Vodka first debuted in 2004. A world- class, award winning vodka bottled near the shores of Lake Erie made with cold, crystalline water of the Norfolk County aquifer, Silver Lake Premium Vodka

was born. The Silver Lake Vodka distillation process ensures the best possible flavour. While all Vodka is distilled, Silver Lake Ultra-Premium Vodka is quadruple distilled.

Hemp Infused Vodka


Cannabis lovers shouldn’t be surprised to hear that a distillery in Norfolk County, in the heart of Ontario’s Garden, is planning to distill batches of Hemp vodka. However, at this time, such a product can not exist which is why we have taken the first steps to being the worlds most recognized line of infused spirits, and created a blend made with hemp.

Hunter's Finest Whiskey


Samuel Lake Hunter’s Finest Whiskey is distilled and bottled in Norfolk County, Ontario. A full-flavored whiskey that was originally blended in 1888 by Samuel Lake Hunter, great great Grandfather of Dover’s founder Robert Hunter. Once you taste Hunter’s Finest Whiskey, you will notice a variety of flavors and mouth-feels which reveal smooth full quality tasting

Canadian made whiskey. Hunter’s Finest Whiskey is the latest product to be added to our line up, but already our most popular. Hunter’s Whiskey comes in 2 different sizes, our classic 750 ml glass bottle, and a plastic 1.75L bottle perfect for bulk orders.

E.T. 51 Vodka


E.T. 51 is brand new vodka in Canada. It has been noted for being smooth and herbal by Wine and Spirits Wholesalers of America. It is the result of the best underground water from Ontario combined with mixed

grains. But, after its first drink, Notaboo is going to drench your bones. Drink it and find out what you’re made.

Available size: 750 ml